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Cleaning Your Rabbit - Sex Toy Maintenance & Care

Though there are hundreds of different adult toys available, not all of them are cared for in the same way. Is is awkward to load in your ceramic dildo with all the other dishes when you start the dishwasher? Hell yeah, it's pretty weird! But it's clean, isn't it? Though you might want to just boil it if you've got roommates or family around. 

I've compiled a list of sex toys and how to clean them, with help from some awesome websites. You will also notice that I've added the types of lube that are okay to use with certain materials and a few links to places where you can recycle your toys! 


Cyber-skin Male Sex Toy
"Realistic" material: These are the CyberskinTM, FuturoticTM, NeoSkin®, Soft TouchTM, UltraSkin, and FauxskinTM  types of toys. FleshLights, Doc Johnson, and a few others (Lelo, I think) specialize in realistic materials. 

Keep it clean: Simply rinse with warm water and get rid of any hairs or access...uh...fluids off of it. Do not use soap! If you're really worried, use a little rubbing alcohol and let dry. Wait for it to be completely dry before storing it. For additional support, powder it down with cornstarch or the appropriate powder that came with the toy (not talc powder!). Also, use condoms if you're sharing this toy with others! It's very porous, so diseases will spread like wildfire!

Lube it up! Since this type of toy is outrageously porous, please use only water-based lubes. Silicone and oil lubes will break down the material and wear it out faster.

Jelly/latex/rubber: Basic dongs, cock rings, vibrators and more are made with these materials. They come in many colors and sizes (from "aww, how cute!" to "holy mother of god!") and are usually pretty cheap. But because they're so cheap, they can also be harmful due to all the chemicals used to make them.

Keep it clean: Wash with warm water and a little soap. Rinse thoroughly and leave to dry.

Lube it up! Don't use oil based lubed, only water based.

To learn more about the dangers of jelly and Cyber-skin toys, visit Dangerous Lilly's blog.

Mjolnir the Slayer

Silicone: Most have dubbed this the easiest material to clean and it's hypoallergenic! 

Keep it clean: You can boil it for a few minutes or wash it with soap and water. If it's a vibrator or has other electric components, don't boil it! 

Lube it up! While some stores and owners say that you should only use water-based lubes with silicone toys, there are some sites that have water/silicone lubes that might work. However, if you're going to use it, test a patch of the toy first. Also, oil-based lubes and petroleum jelly will irritate the vagina, so they shouldn't be used. 

Plastic/acrylic: Most vibrators are made of hard plastic or acrylic. They can come in fun shapes, sizes, and colors. Most have studs, bumps, etc. 

Keep it clean: Wash it with warm water and soap. For acrylic toys, you can boil them if they don't have any electrical parts. If you want to clean up quickly and sanitize at the same time, use a cotton ball and rubbing alcohol and wipe things down. 

Lube it up! Silicon, petroleum, and water-based lubes work well with these toys. If you have waterproof vibrators, silicone is especially wonderful. However, if you're using petroleum, be sure that you're not inserting the toy and the lube into yours/others vagina. Petroleum causes the vagina to irritate. Penises, in the other hand (see what I did there?), love petroleum! So this substance is generally used for male masturbation and anal play. 

Ceramic/wood/glass: These are pretty easy to clean. I've seen a lot of glass dildos, but not a lot of ceramic or wooden ones. I've heard great things about all of them, though! 

Keep it clean: Wooden and ceramic toys can be cleaned with non-abrasive soap, water with 10% bleach, antibacterial soap and warm water, and rubbing alcohol. No boiling or dishwasher on wooden toys, please! To be safe, you might also keep your ceramic toy out of the dishwater or boiling pot, too. You can wash glass toys with soap and water with a little bleach, place them in the dishwasher, or you can boil them for about 3 minutes. Please use caution! Don't use it directly after boiling and don't expose it to colder temperatures. It will likely break or chip and you'll be left with an interesting paperweight at best. 

Lube it up! As long as it's not chipped (and if it is, why the hell are you putting that in places?!), wooden toys can use all types of lubes! As far as I know, that goes the same for glass and ceramic. If it's chipped, don't use it! And a little lube will wet your whistle fast. No need to use the whole tube for these toys!

Metal: Known for being able to retain amazing temperatures, metal is a fascinating material for sex toys and pretty popular! It doesn't need much for lube to keep it slick and it will allow you to experiment with all kinds of things. Want to know what it would feel like to fornicate with a frisky snowman or the devil himself? Go ahead...well, use caution anyway. 

Keep it clean: Another material that can be put in the dishwasher or boiled. Stainless steel is the best option, though.

Lube it up! Water based, silicone, oil, etc. You won't need a lot.
Glass dildo
Ceramic butt-plug
Wooden dildos
Metal butt-plugs
Basic Jelly Dongs

I hope this was all very helpful to you! Please leave a comment if you liked it, that always makes me smile. Don't forget that you can use condoms with most of these toys (except some of the jelly/latex and real-feel ones). Stay safe out there!

Recycle your toys here!

I aim to please,
Luka Thalius

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