Thursday, June 12, 2014

Sort-Of Sex? Dry Humping & Non-Penetrative Relations

So you're interested in sex, but worried about getting pregnant or getting someone else pregnant or maybe you are inexperienced and feeling awkward. ...what do you do?

Good news! There's always dry humping and other forms of non-penetrative sex. 

This is especially useful when you're a teen and you're either not allowed to have sex (hey, it happens), you're nervous about getting caught, or you're just anxious. 

Ms. Luka! I've got questions! What is dry humping and can you actually have sex without having sex?

Great questions, adorable and imaginary student! Let's get started.

Dry humping is act of touching and rubbing up on one another with clothes on and without penetration. Groping, kissing/making out, love bites, etc. These are all forms of sexual acts without having sex. Dry humping will not get anyone pregnant because there's no actual penetration involved. Should a male partner ejaculate in his pants during dry humping and it happens to rub against your nethers, be not afraid! Unless he just let go a gallon of semen and he's right up in there, then you should be just fine.

Just because there's dry humping and non-penetrative sex doesn't mean that you can't touch each other and get a little hot and heavy. Here are some ways of having some fun without getting too serious:

Rubbing/Scissoring - These are the acts of rubbing penises together (penis cuddles!) or swordplaying, and rubbing vaginas together (vajay cuddles!).

Mutual masturbation - If you know what masturbation is, you'll get an idea of what mutual masturbation is. Sexually stimulating your partner while they also stimulate you is mutual masturbation. This includes fingering, hand jobs, anal play, etc. 

Breast stimulation - Playing with the breasts and nipples can be fun. Jumbling them around, experiment with boob jobs, or even sweet kisses and bites can be sexy and creative.

Oral sex - If you've read at least some of this blog, we've mentioned oral sex. Going down on your partner doesn't always have to lead to sexual intercourse and it helps relieve tension. It also means you can try some fun tongue tricks and play with food, too!

If you had friends like I did in high school, they'll likely pretend to do these things on a daily basis in the halls or in the classroom before classes start. Nothing serious, just good ol' fashioned rubbing. Well, that's how it was with most of the guys. The gals weren't always quite that silly. 

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<3 Luka