Saturday, May 14, 2016

Back for a while!

Hello everyone! I apologize for having not updated you in quite a long time. Here's what's going on:

I currently hold two part-time jobs. One is at an organization, the other is at an adult novelty store. While they are both amazing in their own way, they are still a lot of work. I don't often have time to sit and write a blog post, let alone do any research for one. However, I'm going to try in the...2 hours that I have today! :)

My other responsibility is to find an apartment. My partner and I plan on moving in together; a task which is much easier than it sounds. Between apartment viewings, contacts, and applications, I'm completely drained and emotionally beaten at times. Add that with the work exhaustion and it's not a good time.

I've missed writing for everyone. I've missed posting new and interesting posts about the world of positive sexuality and materials for a happier sex life. That's why I'm here now, and I hope you enjoy my next post!

I've been considering a YouTube channel, though that would require more from me (such as a decent web cam) that I cannot provide at this time. Perhaps in the future. :)

So head over to the new post! I'm sure you'll find it new and...well, fascinating on a couple of levels.

It's good to be back.