Monday, August 15, 2016

Pump It Up! | Increasing Penis Size & Girth - Penis Pumps

So we went over the jelqing method of increasing girth and length, but what about something more well-known? Though the penis pump that we know (also referred to as a Vacuum Constriction Device) is still popular since it's creation in 1917. And we have a gent named Otto Lederer to thank! At least, he was the guy who created a pump with the addition of a cock ring. (

What does it do?
A penis pump is meant to help those who would ordinarily not be able to achieve an erection get and keep one via suction. So basically, it helps the person get an erection by using pressure to allow blood to flow through the penis, and the cock ring allows the blood to stay there.

This is an alternative to herbal supplements and medication. For some, medication isn't an option because they are currently taking meds, or they don't want to take them at all. Herbal supplements are available, but tend to be quite expensive, both in single pill and bottle forms.

A penis pump is essentially a one-time purchase, unless yours is shitty or breaks after using it a couple of times. What? I'm honest.

How does it work?
To use a pump, you begin by placing the cylinder over the penis. Next, pump the air out of the cylinder to create a vacuum. This can be done manually, or with a battery-operated pump. The suction within the cylinder will result in blood coursing through the penis. When the penis is erect, use lubricant to slide the penis out of the pump and place cock ring around base of the penis. Some pumps allow you to slide the cock ring on while you're pulling the penis out, but not all of them do. One will want to be careful while using these pumps, as they can leave blisters, burst blood vessels, and on occasion may pull the testicles into the cylinder.

The water pump, such as the Bathmate, require a little more work. First, you will want to slide the latch into the correct position, use the right comfort pad, and allow yourself some time in a shower or bath to warm up. After, you will need to fill the pump with water and insert yourself. Creating a tight seal, begin pumping to get some suction going and release some water. Eventually, you will want to pump again to regain suction. The Bathmate specifically slowly releases suction to keep the user from getting hurt.

The penis pump is ideal for people dealing with Erectile Dysfunction (ED) because they do not require surgery, medication, or injections. Similarly, it can be used in addition to other forms of treatment to maximize your experience.

What kinds of pumps are there?
I'm glad you asked, you beautiful person! These are the pumps that I've found to have the most hype and popularity.

Bathmate (Hydromax) - $100 - $400 online. Ships globally, has discreet packaging, and has a 95% success rating. 1 year warranty.

Penomet – (another water-assisted pump) $127 - $297 online. 3 year warranty and lifetime gaiter replacement warranty. Discreet shipping.

Pos-T-Vac Battery Pump - $200 - $500 online. Covered by some medical insurances.

Honorable mentions: Black Jack Stroker by California Exotic Novelties.
This pump does the job, but also can be used as a vibrating stroker for extra pleasure! Visit this website to learn more about it.

Dr. Joel Kaplan's Stroking Power Penis Pump