Friday, September 18, 2015

Flavored Tampons: A Rant with My Partner & Different Tampon Creations (NSFW)

On the car ride home, my partner and I started talking about tampons. It began with our mutual dislike of the Minions franchise (sorry, friends). We agree that the merchandise for Minions can be ridiculous, including the recent Twinkies wrapper...

That's right. Get a good look at that. 

We continued on the discussion of merchandising and movies until he said "What next? Flavored tampons?!". I lost my shit.

What he meant: scented tampons and themed tampons. Out of the ordinary menstrual aids. But what he said made me rage like the Hulk. 

"What the actual fuck are you even talking about?! Flavored tampons?! What would you even do with those?! You never, ever eat a tampon!" I yelled, breaking into tiny fits of laughter. "The sugar needed for the 'flavor' would cause yeast infections. That's not my main concern. Who in the world would even put that in their mouth?"

Well, I'm sure a few people would actually do that. But that's a kink that I'm not quite ready for...

In other news, here are some pictures of strange tampon products. 

Okay, I actually think these are cool...