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Slippery Nipples - Lubrication for Everyone! Pt. 1

Contrary to popular belief, lubricants aren't only needed for butt-sex. I honestly hope that's not popular belief.

Nope, lubes are for anything you'd want to use them for! Some have stimulants, delaying properties, contain aloe, etc. There are too many to even consider when looking for one! That's why I have listed almost 50 lubricants out for you, including some reviews and information. 

While browsing, there are some terms and words you will see often that may need explaining:

Parabens are a type of preservative found in food, cosmetics, and deodorants, and personal lubricants. They primarily prevent bacteria growth and approximately 85% of cosmetics contain a type of paraben. However, because they have been linked to breast cancer, they have been deemed dangerous. But there isn't enough evidence out there to prove that all parabens are indeed dangerous, so there isn't a final say. My opinion: it's totally up to you, but I'd probably steer clear of them, especially if your family has a history of cancer. Instead, try organic, oil-based products and products labeled "paraben-free". 

pH levels
These levels indicate how much or how little acidity is in the vagina. Balancing that acidity means there's enough good bacteria in the vagina to keep everything healthy. But when there isn't enough acidity in the vagina, bad bacteria can crop up and become a problem. Things such as sex, menstruation, and douching alter the balance of pH levels.

If I have missed anything, it will be added in part two. Enjoy!

Water-based, water/silicone hybrid
All products are free of DEA, glycerol, parabens, PEG, gluten, propylene glycol, sorbital, and sulphates. Most of these lubes are water-based or a hybrid of water/silicone, though there are at least two silicone-based lubes available. Because they're super environmentally conscious, none of their products have been tested on animals. Perfect for sensitive skin!
n addition, some of the testimonials on their website mention how wonderful some of their representatives are! To me, that's always a plus because I like to be sure the folks who make what I'm using aren't douche canoes. Some Amazon reviews include "My ladybits thank Sliquid", "It was recommended by OB/GYN and it's cooling and more lubricating than any product I have purchased at the store." and "Since using sliquid, my husband and I have had no problems whatsoever". However, some folks say that this is too tacky, dries too quickly, or becomes sticky.


Oil-based, water-based
The first thing I noticed about Yes was their beautifully designed website layout. Everything was easy for me to find and gave me the right information without me having to search intensely. Okay, back to the lube. 

There are two kinds of lube: Water-based and oil-based. The water-based option is a dynamic duo of lube and vaginal moisturizer. It's also pH balanced and condom compatible. According to most consumers, it is intensely realistic and smooth. The oil-based lubricant works as an alternative to silicone or vaseline lubes and contains plant-based oils and butters, but is not condom compatible.

This lube is oil-based and can not be used with latex condoms. However, it's safe to use with most toys and will not become sticky or leave stains. It is also glyercin, paraben, and petroleum free. Made with cocoa butter, shea butter, and aloe vera, which soothes any burning from intense sexy times!

Price not found
This lube is doctor recommended particularly for vaginal dryness. It's long-lasting and made with probiotics. It's also residue free and toy friendly. Because of the oil base, it can't be used with latex condoms. Paraben, glycerin, and petroleum free.

FlowMotion$25.40 NZD (Approx. $40.34 USD)
GMO-free using non-artificial extracts and plants, this lube is made in New Zealand. It doesn't stick, stain, and is toy/condom friendly. Customers mention that it dries too quickly, but works perfectly otherwise. Slippery and silky without harsh chemicals!

Bonk Lube$23.99 NZD  (Approx. $38.10 USD)
Oil-based, water-based
Certified organic with a fantastic name, Bonk is made in New Zealand and has great reviews!
According to most happy customers, you don't need much for this lube to be super effective (like Pokemon!) and doesn't leave any residue.

Replens lasts longer than water based lubricants and is preservative-free!
Compatible with most condoms and doesn't irritate skin.
Relieves vaginal dryness

Some customers mentioned the bottle design is not ideal, as it is prone to leakage.

This lube is designed to increase sensitivity in female-bodied individuals for more awesome sexy times and renewed feelings of desire. Made with aloe and other extracts. The version for male-bodied individuals includes a climax delay gel for them to last longer. However, reviews state that it can be messy, doesn't last long, and has a mild burning sensation. I recommend asking your primary care physician about this product before using it.

Water-based, silicone-based
Lifestyles is a clear and hypoallergenic lubricant that is smooth and free of smells. It works with latex condoms, doesn't stain, and is made with natural ingredients. It is also spermicide free, and pH balanced. 

Warm Lovin': Long-lasting, condom compatible with a warm feeling. However, most reviews mention that it does not feel very warm, making it virtually useless if you're looking to heat things up.
One: Oasis
One: Move

Water-based, silicone-based
Compatible with all kinds of condoms, the One brand has been known for its colorful packaging and reliability. This lube is oil-free, non-sticky, and it won't stain your fabrics. Customer reviews mention that it can become sticky and the bottle design is problematic, but otherwise had positive experiences with how slick it was. Some mentioned that they use it for massage oil and it works perfectly.

Private RX

Another product that prevents vaginal dryness by stimulating the vagina to produce its own natural lubrication. Created by a gynecologist, it's hypoallergenic and clinically proven to work without stickiness, greasiness, fragrances, or added hormones.

This lube, made by the folks at Doc Johnson, is convenient and able to be used on sensitive skin. It's paraben-free and glycerin-free. It's also made in the US, for those who like to keep things as local as they can.

Paraben-free and compact, this lube is especially great to prevent vaginal dryness. It's also free of mineral oil and affordable! 

Water-based, oil-based
I'm a sucker for everything coconut. Naturally, when I saw this lube, I got excited. It's hypoallergenic, edible, and works with polyurethane condoms. However, it does not works with latex condoms! It does not contain GMOs, alcohol, petroleum, parabens, gluten, fragrances, phylates, or dyes and uses all natural ingredients.

Sex Butter
Base unknown
Edible, minty, and stimulating, Sex Butter has wonderful customer reviews. Due to the minty freshness, it has a tingling sensation when applied to genitals and the mouth. Hormone-free, paraben-free, synthetic-free and natural. For women who have experienced cancer, it is said to boost their sexual desire and make foreplay more enjoyable.

Though it may be amazing, it comes in a small container and is on Amazon.

Isabel Fay
Designed for sensitive skin, made in the US, and comes in a discreet bottle. Doesn't contain parabens or glycerin and can be used with all toys and condoms. Customers love it because it's not sticky or smelly!

Penchant Premium
This lube is clear, contains no parabens and isn't sticky or gross. In addition, it is long-lasting, comes in discreet bottle, is made in the US, and does not contain spermicide.  

Honey Girl Organics
Looking kind of like butter or cream, this personal lube is made entirely of natural ingredients and doesn't contain GMOs, silicone, hormones, petroleum, parabens, or fragrances.

Divine 9$23.00
Great for sensitive skin and leaves skin smooth and clean! It's also an HPV (human papillomavirus) inhibitor, meaning it decreases the rate any symptoms.

The website reviews were not so helpful, but the Amazon reviews were. Contains saccharine and glycerin.

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