Sunday, December 6, 2015

Inside and Out: Toys for the Male Body pt. 1 - Cock Rings

Cock Rings/C-Rings
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Recently, I've taken a liking to cock rings after doing more research for this post. Previously, I had little interest because it just didn't seem like something I would enjoy, especially for one who doesn't have a penis. However, I've found out really neat things about their uses and materials. But first, how would one even use a cock ring?
I've heard this done using a couple methods. You could put the cock ring on when the penis is semi-hard to hard, or when it's soft. Either way, you'll want to use lube.

Apply water-based lube to the inside of the cock ring. If it's a basic cock ring, slide it down to the base of the shaft. This will allow blood to pool up when the penis becomes erect, allowing for a thicker erection and, in some people, a longer orgasm. If it's too tight when you use it, please take it off immediately. Some rings go just directly under the head of the penis, so make sure you're using the right one.

The materials of a cock ring range from silicone to metal, sometimes even adjustable leather straps. Some have bullet vibes attached for extra pleasure! It's all depending on what you and your partner(s) are looking for.

Vibrating cock rings are usually made of stretchy materials, like PVC, rubber, or some types of silicone. Just an FYI, Silagel/sil-a-gel is a Doc Johnson-made material.

Adjustable cock rings are great for those who are new to this. They are also called cock ties and lassos. They allow you and your partner(s) to play around with how tight you want it and what fits best. They're also great for those with larger penis girths, as not all rings are as adjustable.

Similar: Cock & ball rings/double cock rings. These types of rings must go on when the penis is limp! Lube the inside of the ring first, then slide the testicles in, one by one. Next, slide the penis through and adjust as necessary. Voila! While you can find these in stretchy jelly materials, most of what I've seen are made from firmer materials such as silicone and metal.
If you want to increase your stamina, I'd suggest going with regular, non-vibrating ones.

If you're unsure how to find the right cock ring for you, here's a wonderful guide on how to measure your penis for one! Thanks, Lovehoney!

Cock cages/chastity cages
Used as added excitement for some males, chastity cages and cock cages are meant to suppress an erection and decrease the chances for masturbation. In most cases, this is used as bondage in BDSM practices. Some guys will need to wear them for days until they're allowed to remove them. Though I've never actually heard of this happening, I wouldn't be surprised if these cages were also used by religion men to resist temptation from sexual urges.

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