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Inside and Out: Toys for the Male Body pt. 4 - Urethral Sounding/Penis Plugs

Urethral Sounding & Penis Plugs
I won't lie, folks. Urethral sounding is one of the strangest kinks I've ever heard of. It frightens and intrigues me greatly. It only scares me because of how fragile the penis can be and how absolutely patient one has to be during the sounding process. It doesn't help that I was introduced to this kink during one night of drinking at a friend's house, my guy friends surrounding a laptop with expressions ranging from "Oh..." to "NOPE". In any case, the part of me that finds this fascinating drives me to write this particular blog entry.

Urethral Sounds:
Urethral sounding, sometimes called "cock-stuffing", is the act of sexual experimentation via sliding a long, smooth, thin, and often surgical steel tube into the urethra of the penis (the pee hole). Because these tubes are called "sounds", the act is considered "sounding".

There are a several kinds of sounds:

Van Buren (J-Shaped sound)
Dittle/Dittel (Straight sound)
Pratt (Double-ended curved sound)
Hegar (S-Shaped sound)
Rosebud (Straight sounds w/bulbous end)

Using a lot of lube, the person will place the sound in the hole of the penis gently, without forcing or pushing. For some, they find that holding the penis upright while letting the sound glide in by itself does the job just fine. But if they should find that there's some blockage, it's best to consider a narrower sound and more lube. DO NOT FORCE THE SOUND! Pushing the sound deeper could lead to urethral tearing and infections.

Lubes: This is completely up to you. Silicone lubricants are slippery, smooth, and come from a variety of brands. My favorites are Sliquid Silver, System Jo, and Uberlube. Silicone lubes stay on the skin longer, making it a favorite for skin-on-skin contact and for urethral sounding. Some folks don't like it because it's harder to clean and can stain sheets. Water based lubes work fine, but they don't last as long because they absorb into the skin as they're supposed to. There are hybrid lubes (silicone/water) if you're not sure which to use. I would suggest either Sliquid or System Jo.

Safety Tips:
- Use specific urethral sounds, not random things you find around the house. Household items can be unsanitary and breakable.
- Begin with the most simple and thin sound available, to allow you to get used to the sensations.
- Sterilize your sounds in boiling water for 5 minutes before and after use. You could also wipe them down with alcohol for added protection.
- In addition to sterilization, keep your body clean. This includes hands, genitals, etc.
- If your sound doesn't have a hole in it for semen to pass through, you'll want to take it out before ejaculation to avoid "retrograde ejaculation" (semen redirecting into the bladder instead of leaving through the urethra...yikes).
- Remember to use lubrication, not saliva. Though it's tempting to use saliva because it's readily accessible, it can also contain sugars. As you may know, sugars cause Urinary Tract Infection.
First timers/beginners: During your first urethral sounding, it's encouraged that you be as calm and relaxed as possible. Your penis will naturally want to reject it or block it. Let the weight of the toy sink in while you keep your penis vertical. After it's inside and you're comfortable, you can start stimulating your penis or have a partner do it. This includes moving the sound in and out very gently and masturbating with it in.

Penis Plugs
Another form of urethral stimulation and experimentation can be used with penis plugs. Urethral sounds are long, are typically medical equipment, and are made for deep stimulation. Penis plugs are shorter, have multiple designs, and are made for shallow, penile stimulation. There's also a glans ring to keep the plug in place because they are toys, not medical equipment.

The usage and cleaning of penis plugs are the same, so one could follow the same directions as the urethral sounds.

Check out the sounds available online!

Sounding testimony from kind kinksters.

Hegar sound

Rosebud sound

Van Buren sound

Pratt sound
Dittle/Dittel sound

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