Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Going All Night - How Long Do Men Last?

"'The minimum duration of sex—including seduction, foreplay, and intercourse—should be about 30 minutes. "Anything under half an hour is not satisfying to a woman,' Cadell says." [MensHealth.com, Have the Sex Life You Dream Of]

Maybe it's just my heightened libido or imagination, but that doesn't seem long at all. Perhaps it's the social media pushing their stereotypes of what sex should look like, sound like, and be like that makes us think that sex should last longer and is going to be the greatest thing in the world! Which is wrong, by the way. Coffee is the greatest thing in the world. Right next to games, nature, tattoos, and Markiplier.

So how long does a guy typically last versus how long they "should" last? Depending on how long men last, what does premature ejaculation look like? It's going to be sticky and messy, but we've got it. 

That was a little gross...

How long does a guy last?
Typically, a man lasts about 10 minutes before he comes. Some men last longer depending on their situation. According to some articles online, sex should last about 16 minutes without counting foreplay. That's isn't going to happen all of the time. 

That's great, but what if I come too fast?
Taking some information from WebMD, approximately 20-30% of men have premature ejaculation. Studies show that guys who deal with premature ejaculation last about 5 minutes. But this isn't always what it looks like. Some men would say that they have it, but can continue having sex after they ejaculate while others say that they don't have it and may only last for a minute. Sometimes men don't even orgasm as they ejaculate! However, coming quickly isn't always a bad thing (well, your partner/partners may think otherwise). 

In the past, we had to keep our population up in order to survive and eventually thrive. If you were having sex for the sole purpose of making a baby, you're not as worried about how long you'd last or how to please your partner. But now that making our population larger isn't a problem, our social views on this have changed. Now it's all about the pleasure, excitement, and fun you can have during sex. 

What can help a fellow last longer? (I'm running out of slang terms for men...)
There are a few theories of how a man can last longer, unless he has a medical condition. Some ideas are: eating more fruit, getting some exercise, and managing your stress. In fact, the more stressed men are while trying to get another erection, the less likely they are to achieve their goal because they're likely to become hard during a relaxed state. Other theories depend on the interest in sex at that time and the sexual positions used. Some positions can help a man last longer than usual. 

A few things to remember: 
Guys, you're not your penis. Your self-worth shouldn't be determined by how big you are, how long you last, etc. Do your best and try being creative! If you can't have sex the way you want to or you finish too early, perhaps talking to your partner(s) about what they'd like to try instead. 
Don't compare yourself to porn stars. Though they seem to be able to come on command and last for hours, they've probably taken a few things or are terribly gifted. You're awesome the way you are; no need to feel less-than. 

If you have anything to add to this article, please send me a message and I'll be happy to find a place for it. Otherwise, stay safe and thanks for reading!

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