Monday, April 6, 2015

Introducing "Website of the Week"!

Hello, friends! 

As you know, I don't do reviews of toys by now. I'm...kinda broke...and sex toys are expensive. However, I am pleased to introduce my reviews on websites that involve erotica, toys, and more! I will eventually take requests to review sites that you enjoy or want to know more about. 

Let's get started with a site that I just found called Sonic Erotica

Sonic Erotica is essentially an audio library of erotic short stories, sensual sounds, and interviews with people about their sexual interests. This site seems to have been around since 2010, so they're not very old. Their "About Us" section mentions that they make these erotic audio recordings with the visually impaired in mind. Overall, they seem to have an inclusive environment and are striving to keep it. 

I went on the website and listened to some of their recordings. They're actually pretty good! Their stories are sexy and fun, but not over the top. Thus far, I have noticed that most of their audio involved a female lead or protagonist. Most, if not all, files are downloadable as MP3s, too.

I would like to note that their submission section mentions that there will be no non-consensual sex, bestiality, or sex with aliens (which I can only assume refers to some hentai). Depending on what you plan to write, this site could purchase a license from you to use your work or commission you. Pretty awesome for erotica writers!

Cons: If you want to write or perform for Sonic Erotica, you'd have to relocate to Melbourne, Australia. But they do record over the phone, in some cases. Thus far, not a huge selection of work. 

Interested in some titillating tales? Check 'em out at their website!

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