Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Websites of the Week Extravaganza!

Hello everyone!

I've been so very busy with AmeriCorps and everything else that I nearly forgot to keep updating my "website of the week" portion of the blog...

Fear not! I've got over a month's worth (not a "moth's worth" like my tiny fingers really wanted me to write) of websites for you to browse and enjoy. Let's get started!

Babeland: With locations in Seattle and New York, Babeland is a female owned and operated adult store with a diverse range of products and an online store. They're also queer friendly and feminist friendly.

According to online reviews, the atmosphere is really comfortable and one might feel like they're free to ask questions without concern. The space is clean and well-lit, their toys are pricey but focus on quality, and most of their staff are very friendly. Some negative reviews included the prices, some
unfriendly staff, and the small selection of products compared to their online catalog. Links to reviews can be found at the bottom of the page.

Sexplanations: Some of you may remember a woman from SciShow who brought in a replica clitoris to explain how it all actually works. Well, she has her own Youtube channel called "Sexplanations". Dr. Lindsey Doe and colleagues have put together a web series to inform others about positive sexuality, anatomy, parenting, and other topics! I love watching it and I think it's amazing.


Adam & Eve: Okay, so I'm a little biased about this shop. There's one down the street from my place and I've got friends who work there. All of that aside, I find that this shop is one of the easiest places to get started when it comes to toys. They're located throughout the U.S. and also have an online catalog. 

For most people, shopping in-store works perfectly and there isn't a whole lot of hassle. However, the reviews for their online store is almost entirely negative. Orders not showing up on time, claims about free products that were not true, and atrocious customer service are some of the many thing I've seen while looking up reviews. Though this is problematic and can paint the entire chain of stores as being irresponsible, I don't think it has a lot to do with the people who work in the stores. If you have the choice, I'd recommend visiting one of their many locations rather than purchasing online. You'll likely have a better experience overall and get to play around with the merchandise before buying. 

Oh Joy Sex Toy: Erika Moen created this webcomic series to do reviews on sex toys and go into more educational things. It began in 2011 and grew in popularity since then. Topics that have been covered include toys, pregnancy, sexuality, relationships and more. They also feature guests! 


The Sex Positive Parent: Airial Clark is a sexologist, parenting expert, and writer for the sex positive parent website. She writes a blog about how to discuss sex with your child and how to make them aware of what a positive sexuality is. She offers counseling, coaching, articles, and more. I liked reading her take on Polly Whitaker. 


Babeland reviews - New York

Babeland reviews - Seattle

Thanks for reading! Please let me know if there's anything you'd like me to cover. I am also available on Facebook, Twitter, and by email.

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