Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Whoa, I'm back!

Hello, friends! Let me give you an update since I've been away for almost, uhh..4 months.

I had started a local chapter of AmeriCorps, as I might have mentioned within some of my posts here. It took almost a year to finish since I had started a month late, but I made it through and graduated! I was a roller-coaster of emotions. I would get so stressed that I'd become sick, then I'd be okay a few hours later. Working with this organization was alright, but I got in trouble or talked to for minor things sometimes. However, getting to work with little ones on lots of cool things was a great time because I love kids.

Toward the end of my AmeriCorps career, I was offered a position at the organization basically doing the same thing, but with better pay. However, I had already taken a position working for a friend as a paraprofessional for her son. Full time, hands-on work with a special needs kid. I accepted the position, unsure of my plans after AmeriCorps. Today is my last day with him and we're watching "Finding Nemo". The organization really wanted me to stay and told me it would only be part-time, so I accepted it. It was more than I could handle, but I needed the money.

I also have a YouTube channel for gaming, and I will be starting one for this blog soon!

So now I'm almost done with 2 summer jobs, and I'm sincerely hoping to get another job with the local adult store. Unfortunately, they hired two trainees who are both younger, and possibly better-looking, than me after basically telling me I was super qualified. No fun, right? Who could possibly be "too fat" for a basic job?

There you go! Now, here's a list of things I'll be delving into soon.

- internal/male toys and their uses
- rape & rape culture
- alternative toys (the "weird" ones)
- body image, love, and respect
- your body and health (scents, tastes, etc)
- rants/raves/hilarity

Be well!

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